The Illustrated Story of Pan: Second Edition

The Book of Pan

The Illustrated Story of Pan, Second Edition is the definitive story of Pan – the instrument, the music, the steel bands and their social, cultural and political history, from the earliest days to the present.

Hundreds of photos and pioneers’ verbatim accounts never before published, stories of adventure and discovery, of love and danger, have been threaded along the author’s narrative to produce this monumental epic of musicians and scientists, street fighters and politicians, schoolteachers and their students, promoters and activists, but mostly ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things.

It is the story of Trinidad All Stars and Renegades and Desperadoes and Phase II and Exodus and all the other big steel bands, but also the small bands, Boys Town, Boom Town and Stepyard, the extinct bands, the Tripoli, Bar 20 and Red Army, the “college boy” bands like Dixieland, Dixie Stars, Stromboli and Rogues Regiment, and of course the countless men and women, girls and boys, who created this marvel.

Three hundred glossy 10×10” pages between hard covers and a dust jacket, The Illustrated Story, Second Edition will be a top-quality, updated version of the first edition, which Trini poet and literary critic Shivanee Ramlochan described as: “a thing of spectacular beauty, the crown jewel in a Carnival music lover’s catalogue… many things in one: cultural artefact; photographic panorama (pun probably intended!); labour of love, storybook for the ages. In the tradition of the best books, too, it must be beheld, and absorbed, to be believed.”

The book will be manufactured by Callawind Ltd. in Quebec, with printing finished in China. The layout and design is by the author and Trinidadian graphic artist Ayo Ledgerwood.

Printing and binding will begin no later than April 2020. Production takes 10 – 12 weeks. Then they will be shipped to the US. The author will travel to the States to sign and mail copies to supporters. We plan to have all books and perks in your hands by the end of July, 2020.

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