Feeding CAFE’s families is of paramount importance to us. Please read a letter below, from one of our parents.

“I am a mother with 4 children. My life partner is not working because of the coronavirus. I cannot work because of a back injury. As you know, my children have been part of CAFE for more than 4 years. We have been coming to pick up food bank meals from CAFE, but it is not enough to keep our family going. I know my family is not alone in this struggle. I have told you about several families: one with 7 kids and two with 5 kids each. I know that those families, who had not already been part of CAFE, appreciated the assistance CAFE has provided to them. I was happy to help with you with the Food Pantry, but it was heartbreaking to see so many families in need. Just want to say THANKS for all CAFE does for this community!”

Today, I am asking you to work together with us to help families in need.

Thank you for your gift to the Cultural Academy for Excellence, Inc.  Your support provides academic enrichment, access to creative and performing arts, and life skills to hundreds of underserved students who reside in the Washington metropolitan area.

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