CAFÉ After School Academy (CASA) offers an exciting program for youth ages 6-14, to have the opportunity to realize their creative potential and to expand their artistic success into both academic and social achievement.

Our qualified tutors provide students with:

  • -Homework assistance
  • -Tutoring in math and language arts
  • -Computer technology skills
  • -Music instruction in percussion
  • -Creative arts
  • -Strategy through learning chess

CASA addresses Maryland State Department of Education goals to improve academic achievement for each student by:

  • -Increasing the number of children benefitting from out-of-school programs
  • -Providing youth of multi-cultural backgrounds with exceptional music and art instruction culturally based academic assistance and life skills/confidence building activities.
  • -Increasing parental and community appreciation and support for music-based academic enrichment
  • -Providing students with a nutritious dinner and snack daily
  • -Providing the opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children at the end of the workday.
  • -Providing a safe, affordable and nurturing environment for students after school.

Is a weekend program a better fit?

Saturday Academy

Academic Component- This component provides engaging and differentiated instruction using multi-sensory techniques and materials that strengthen language arts and mathematics foundational skills; fostering confidence and achievement in mathematics and reading literacy

Music Component - Our music component includes three courses: music theory, music electives and ensembles. CAFÉ students prepare for an examination in music theory developed by the Maryland State Board of Music Teachers Examination.

Life Skills - CAFE seeks to prepare students to examine their world critically and respond to its challenges with creativity. Students are encouraged to assume leadership; to value the opportunity for service; and, to accept, understand and appreciate the diversity of their community and the world. Throughout the school year, CAFE students typically participate in special life-skills related programs and workshops.